Hand Highlighted Graduate School Text

Hand Highlighted Graduate School Text


This exquisitely scanned print quality Portable Digital File(PDF) exemplifies the highlighting necessary for graduate level texts. For scale, a single teal Post-it brand document flag is visible in the upper left corner. To contextualize this work the stapled conner fold and three hole punch artifact remains visible.

This is a digital representation of a xerox copy of a book that has been hand highlighted with a non-archival fluorescent orange BIC brite liner highlighter.

Home office ready - simply frame and enjoy!

One credit hour of graduate level education costs each student $1,117. This text was assigned in a real graduate level 3 credit hour course costing $3,351. There were 38 readings, costing $88.18 each, required in this 15 week course. This single page excerpt taken from one 19 page reading costs $4.64.

“This is a steal.”

  • Karl, Germany

(note: this cost is not representative of additional factors including the amount of time the artist spent reading texts, faculty instruction, facilities, registration fees, activity fees, health center fees, technology fees, transportation fees, xerox copy operator labor, xerox ink manufacturing, paper production, and all associated environmental impacts. Tuition costs as of Spring 2018)

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